Mehrgarh. Fields Reports 1974-1985. From Neolithic Times to the Indus Civilisation

The Reports of Eleven Seasons of Excavations in Kachi district, Ballochistan by the French Archeological Mission to Pakistan

Auteur(s) : Quivron Gonzague, JARRIGE Catherine, Meadow Richard H., Jarrige Jean-François

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Alongside the excavations conducted in the Chalcolithic/Bronze Age occupation deposits of Mehrgarh, from 1976 until 1985, the Neolithic settlements provided a first set of information about periods so far unknown in these regions. Some of the information from the 1977-1985 excavations were regularly published in the field reports, Mehrgarh. Fields Reports 1974-1985. From Neolithic Times to the Indus Civilisation. In 1996, it was decided to resume work in the Neolithic area of Mehrgarh within a program of four seasons of fieldwork. Since all the efforts of the archaeological team were only concentrated on the aceramic Neolithic settlement, these four seasons of fieldwork allowed a much larger exposure of the successive occupation levels and graveyards from the natural soil up to the surface. This work gave the opportunity to fix in a much precise way than before the whole archaeologial sequence of the aceramic Neolithic settlement.

The first ever published overview of the Neolithic period at the western border of the Indus valley has been added to the four reports.

    Collection : Mémoires de la mission archéologique française en Asie Centrale

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Preface, by Hameed Akhund & Hameed Haraan

INTRODUCTION by Jean-François Jarrige


First Sea son ( 197 4-197 5)

Second Season (1975-1976)

Third Season ( 1976-1977)

Fourth Season ( 1977-1978)

Fifth Season ( 1978-1979)

Sixth Season ( 1979-1980)

Seventh Season (1980-1981)

Eighth Season ( 1981 -1982)

Ninth Season ( 1982-1983)

T enth Season ( 1983-1984)

Eleventh Season ( 1984-1985)

Mehrgarh Radiocarbon Dates

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