Akh Purattim 1

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Akh Purattim or “the banks of the Euphrates” is one of the expressions used in the 18th century B.C. to designate the kingdom of Mari, which extended from the confluence of the Khabur to the glacial cross cliff of Baghuz, today the Syrian-Iraqi border. The series thus named, defi ned by its subtitle “Mémoires d’archéologie et d’histoire régionales interdisciplinaires”, is intended to become the meeting point for historical, archaeological, epigraphic and archaeometric research on the region, with priority given to the work conducted by the various missions, French (Mari, Terqa…) as well as foreign, in particular the publication of their preliminary reports. But the title can also include a larger geographic area and cover studies which are concerned as widely as possible with the role of this confluence in Syro-Mesopotamian history throughout Antiquity.

    Collection : Akh purattim - mémoires d’archéologie et d’histoire régionales interdisciplinaires

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