Moral Entrepreneurs and the Campaign to Ban Landmines.

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This work advances the proposition that traditional ‘top down’ politics is being challenged by grass-roots, civil society based ‘bottom up’ politics in that most sensitive areas, the national security/arms control dichotomy. The book uses the example of the International Campaign to Ban Landmines (ICBL), that has succeeded in reversing or altering the national policies on landmines in over 130 countries globally. The book cites the efforts of what the author calls ‘moral entrepreneurs’, that is people who have adopted the risk-taking characteristics of business and social leaders to bring this state of affairs about. As a new polity that challenges old assumptions about the state’s preserve in matters of national security and moral force, the ICBL has set the benchmark for a fresh, twenty-first century paradigm in arms control.

    Collection : At the Interface/Probing the Boundaries

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