The Medieval Chronicle VI

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Contents Contributors Preface Sophia Menache: Written and Oral Testimonies in Medieval Chronicles: Matthew Paris and Giovanni Villani Roger Scott: Byzantine Chronicles Alan Deyermond: Written by the Victors: Technique and Ideology in Official Historiography in Verse in Late-Medieval Spain Teresa Amado: Time and Memory in Three Portuguese Chronicles Tara L. Andrews: The New Age of Prophecy: The Chronicle of Matthew of Edessa and Its Place in Armenian Historiography Francesca Braida: Le travail de mémoire: La Cronica de Dino Compagni. La fiabilité du voir: le rôle de témoin oculaire et la véridicité du souvenir Dauvit Broun: Creating and Maintaining a Year-by-Year Chronicle: The Evidence of the Chronicle of Melrose R. W. Burgess and Michael Kulikowski: The History and Origins of the Latin Chronicle Tradition Pedro Chambel: La représentation médiévale de l’époque des Troyens dans la version galicienne de la Crónica Troiana d’Alphonse XI Nicholas Coureas: From the Middle Ages to the Renaissance: Elements of Transition in the Chronicle of George Boustronios Ryszard Grzesik: The Hungarian Expedition to Poland in 1093 in the Hungarian and Polish Chronicles Valentina Mazzei: Pride Comes Before a Fall: Froissart’s Cautionary Tale of the Siege of Purnon as Recounted and Illustrated in Besançon Municipal Library MS 864 Katariina Närä: ‘Tout ce que il appartenoit a une noble et haulte dame’: Representations of Aristocratic Female Characters in Jean Froissart’s Chroniques Book IV Andris Šne: The Image of the Other or the Own: Representation of Local Societies in Heinrici Chronicon

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