Annotationes in Pauli Epistulam ad Romanos ex cap. IX

Auteur(s) : Castellion Sébastien

Editeur(s) : Op de Coul Michiel, Veen Mirjam van

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"Sebastian Castellio wrote his Annotation on Rom 9 during stormy times. After the trial against Miguel Servetus and the ensuing polemic from Castellio and his allies against it, Geneva came to see Sebastian Castellio as a threat against the reformation. His Annotation on Rom 9 probably confirmed this verdict. Castellio used it to speak out against John Calvin’s doctrine on predestination and to elaborate on his own ideas about the perfectibility of humans.

Castellio published his Annotation on Rom 9 only once, in his 1554 Latin Bible. In subsequent editions it was replaced by an asterisk and the short remark “maior serviet minori.” Many scholars assumed that it was censorship of Castellio’s text and even took it for granted that it was erased from Castellio’s Bible. But that is certainly not what happened: censorship was probably less severe than scholars have so often assumed. This critical edition together with the English translation makes Castellio’s first polemical writing on predestination easily accessible. The introduction describes the context in which Castellio wrote his Bible and elaborates on his biblical scholarship.


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Annotationes in Pauli Epistulam ad Romanos ex cap. IX /

Annotations to Paul’s Epistle to the Romans, ch. IX


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