Voyage de Paris en Constantinople

Auteur(s) : Chesnau Jean

Editeur(s) : Pochmalicki Lisa

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The Voyage de Paris en Constantinople revives the French diplomatic world in the Ottoman Empire in the middle of the 16th century. This text retraces the chronology and movements of the embassy in order to reveal the diplomatic relations between France and the Ottoman Empire. Further, it aims to capture the variety of life within the Levant, from Turkish tightrope walkers in Venice to the animals and obelisks of Cairo.

    Collection : Cahiers d humanisme et renaissance

  • Année de publication 2019
  • ISSN 1422-5581
  • ISBN 978-2-600-05984-8
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  • Format 15,2 x 22,2
  • Numéro dans la collection 159
  • Nombre de pages 200