Language, Literature and the Construction of a Dutch National Identity (1780-1830)

Editeur(s) : Kalmthout Ton van, Rutten Gijsbert, Honings Rick

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In exploring the birth of a Dutch identity between 1780 and 1830, this book integrates nationalism studies with literary and linguistic history by highlighting scholarly study of the Dutch language as a factor in the creation of the national identity. These early scholars promoted the Dutch language during a time of political upheaval, when citizens needed something to feel proud of. This book examines the impact individual agents had on a crucial stage in the Dutch nation-building process.

    Collection : Languages & Culture in History

  • Année de publication 2018
  • ISBN 978-90-8964-827-3
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  • Numéro dans la collection 5
  • Nombre de pages 304