Un édifice inachevé du quartier royal à Alexandrie

Etude suivie de "Un fragment de corniche peinte hellénistique à Alexandrie"


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The recent discovery of unfinished architectural elements in Alexandria, close to a spot where similar vestiges were found in the first decades of the 20th century, serves to confirm the presence at this location of a construction site that was part of the Ptolemaic royal quarters. A study of the ensemble of these blocks, both those previously published and those still to be so, allows for a reconsideration of the dating and for a proposal regarding a novel identification of the monument for which they were destined. The study can also, with the help of the literary sources, throw some light on the topography of this still poorly known area. The incomplete state of the elements provides an opportunity to follow the work of the masons and to understand construction practices. A painted fragment of a Doric cornice, morphologically and chronologically close to these vestiges, that was unearthed on a neighbouring site during excavations by the CEAlex complements these traces of the architecture of the Ptolemaic basileia from the golden age of the Hellenistic era.

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