Deux regards ottomans sur Alexandrie

Alexandrie ottomane 2

Auteur(s) : Çelebi Evliya, Re’is Piri

Editeur(s) : Bacqué-Grammont Jean-Louis, Tuchscherer Michel

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Ottoman literature concerning Alexandria is less than plentiful, but it holds a certain interest. In a text devoid of all attempts at style, Piri Reis (ca. 1470-1554) gives a description of Alexandria’s two ports and the adjacent coastlines designed to be of use to sailors. The text of Evliya Çelebi (1611-ca. 1684) is entirely different. Taken from the tenth and last volume of his travelogue, this text blithely mingles precise information and descriptions with improbable anecdotes. These two views of Alexandria, presented here with numerous commentaries, can considerably enrich our existing knowledge of the town, which is principally based upon the accounts of European travellers.

    Collection : Alexandrie Moderne

  • Année de publication 2013
  • ISBN 978-2-11-129853-8
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