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Our bookshop will be closed from Monday 7th of August, reopening on Monday 4th of September, whereas the Company’s customer service will remain open. All your orders will be processed by the service during that period, since you will be so kind as to send them :
- by email
- through our website
- by fax +33 1 43 54 85 83.


We wish you a happy summer holiday.


Gentili Signori,

La nostra libreria rimarrà chiusa dal lunedì 7° agosto al venerdì 1° settembre, mentre il servizio alla clientela della la casa editrice rimane aperta.
Gli ordini effettuati tramite la posta elettronica, attraverso il nostro sito web ( o trasmessi via telefax (+33 1 43 54 85 83) saranno trattati e inviati.

Vi auguriamo buone vacanze estive.


Sehr geehrte Kunde,

Die Buchhandlung wird vom Montag den 7. August bis zum Freitag den 1. September geschloßen sein.
Während der Sommerschließung werden ihre Bestellungen trotzdem angenommen ohne Unterbrechung, sobald Sie sie uns schicken :
- per Mail
- auf unserer Website

- oder per Fax am +33 1 43 54 85 83.

Wir wünschen Ihnen eine angenehme Ferienzeit.


Editions de Boccard has been a leader in the publication and distribution of scholarly books for more than a century.  It carries the publishing reputation of the Académie des inscriptions et belles-lettres, the Ecole française of Rome and the Ecole française of Athens, the Collège de France, French archaeological missions in Central Asia and elsewhere, the Centre d'études alexandrines, UMR and USR under the supervision of the CNRS, and some of the most prestigious university presses.  Since 2013, Editions de Boccard has also been representing the Librairie Droz, the Société de l'histoire de France, the Casa editrice Leo S. Olschki and the Léopard d'Or. More recently, the Presses universitaires de Liège, the Editions de linguistique et de philologie, Gerlach Press, Gangemi Editore, the Société de l'histoire de l'art français and the Association Saint-Michel de Cuxa have joined their distribution. The works published and distributed by Boccard cover such complementary fields as history, archaeology, the history of law, literary history, philology, paleography, epigraphy, sigillography, numismatics, ceramology, topography, prosopography, and bibliography.  Publishing and distributing approximately three hundred new titles each year, Boccard now possesses a general catalog of some 17,000 titles published between the 1860s and the present.




Our 2017 new releases catalogue can be downloaded by clicking here.