Discursive Geographies/Géographies discursives. Writing Space and Place in French/l’écriture de l’espace et du lieu en français.

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The present collection of essays follows in the wake of recent work in cultural geography challenging the idea that maps are scientifically neutral entities, or that space, unlike time, is immobile. In defining space, place and geography as forms of textuality, the essays collected in this volume examine the ways in which postcolonial and metropolitan literary and filmic texts in French can at once inscribe and produce place and space, and thereby participate in forms of “discursive geographies.” Contributors: François Bon; Alexandre Dauge-Roth; Habiba Deming; Zakaria Fatih; Jeanne Garane; Patricia Geesey; Greg Hainge; Sirène Harb; Jean-Luc Joly; Chantal Kalisa; Michel Laronde; Valérie Loichot; Mary McCullough; Michael O’Riley; Pascale Perraudin; Walter Putnam; Antoine Stéphani; Abdourahman A. Waberi.

    Collection : Francopolyphonies

  • Publication 2005
  • ISBN 978-90-420-1618-7
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  • Format Paperback
  • Num. dans la collection 2
  • Nombre de pages 285