Handbook of ancient Roman marbles

Auteur(s) : Pullen Henry William

Editeur(s) : Crocenzi Francesco

40,00 €

The most comprehensive guide to ancient Roman marbles, with descriptions of 861 decorative stones and precise references to the over 200 sites in the Eternal City where they are found now. Fully illustrated with more than 700 colour pictures. An essential travel companion for those who wish to uncover and admire the stones of the “marble city” left by Augustus and rebuilt by the Popes, using the same materials imported by the Romans via their unparalleled logistics system. Includes a map of Rome showing the primary sites for marble-hunting, and an Italian-English glossary of marble names and petrographic terms.

    Collection : Gangemi

  • Publication 2018
  • ISBN 978-88-492-3581-4
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  • Num. dans la collection 90
  • Nombre de pages 256
  • Illustrations noir & blanc et couleur