The Correspondence of Isaac Casaubon in England

Volume 1: October 1610 to October 1611; Volume 2: November 1611 to July 1612; Volume 3: August 1612 to June 1613; Volume 4: July 1613 to June 1614

Auteur(s) : Casaubon Isaac

Editeur(s) : Botley Paul, Vince Maté

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When Isaac Casaubon died in London in 1614 he was widely regarded as the most learned man in Europe. He worked in Geneva in the 1590s, in Paris from 1600, and in 1610 he accepted a position in England from King James I. There he was employed to speak to Europe on behalf of his new patron, and to supply intellectual substance to the ongoing defence of the English Church against its Catholic detractors.

This comprehensive new edition provides a critical text of the surviving letters from Casaubon’s arrival in England in 1610 until his death in 1614. It contains 731 letters, of which 312 are published here for the first time. In the seventeenth century the earliest printed collection of Casaubon’s letters was silently censored, and the new edition restores a large number of previously unknown passages. These letters allow us to observe the great scholar at work during a remarkable period in his life, as he reoriented his profound learning to serve the confessional politics of his day.

    Collection : Travaux d humanisme et renaissance

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1.1 The Scope of this Edition

1.2 Casaubon’s Life: Sources

1.3 Casaubon’s Life, 1559-October 1610

1.4 Casaubon’s Life, October 1610-June 1614

1.5 The Letter to Fronton Du Duc, 1611

1.6 The Letter to Cardinal Du Perron, 1612

1.7 The Exercitationes, 1614

1.8 Casaubon’s Library, 1610-1614

1.9 Casaubon’s Library, 1614-1618

2.1 Casaubon’s Letters

2.2 Sources of the Letters

2.3 Casaubon’s Letters in Print

2.4 The Censorship of the Letters

3.1 The Present Edition: The Headnotes

3.2 The Text, Textual Apparatus, and Footnotes

3.3 Dating the Letters

3.3.1 The Gregorian Calendar

3.3.2 Dates in the Kalends of January

4.1 Bibliography: Works about Casaubon

4.2 Bibliography: Abbreviations of Sources

4.3 Abbreviations and Sigla

The Letters of Isaac Casaubon, 1610-1614

Volume 1 Letters, October 1610 to October 1611

Volume 2 Letters, November 1611 to July 1612

Volume 3 Letters, August 1612 to June 1613

Volume 4 Letters, July 1613 to June 1614

Appendix One: Lost Letters

Appendix Two: Casaubon’s Correspondents