The Arabs and Islam in Late Antiquity

A Critique of Approaches to Arabic Sources

Auteur(s) : Al-Azmeh Aziz

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This work provides a critique of Arabic textual sources for the history of the Arabs in late antique times, during the centuries immediately preceding Muhammad and up to and including the Umayyad period Aziz Al-Azmeh considers the value and relevance

of a range of literary sources, including orality and literacy, ancient Arabic poetry, the corpus of Arab heroic lore (ayyam), the early narrative, and the Qur’an. The work includes a very extensive bibliography of the works cited.

    Collection : Hors collection Gerlach Press

  • Publication 2014
  • ISBN 978-3-94092-442-1
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  • Format 16 x 24,5
  • Nombre de pages 168