Wahhabism – Doctrine and Development

Auteur(s) : Peskes Esther

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At the beginning of the 21st century Saudi Arabian Wahhabism is one of the most influential currents within Islam worldwide. Interest in detailed and solid information has increased accordingly. The scholarly articles and book chapters collected in t

hese two volumes span the history of Wahhabism from its sudden beginnings in the middle of the 18th century in the peripheral region of the central Arabian Peninsula, up to its present role as the authoritative interpretation of Islam in the economically and geo strategically important Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

- Volume 1 focuses on the main tenets of Wahhabi doctrine that brought about the Wahhabi community as a group clearly distinguishable from other interpretations of Islam at the eve of modernity, and which are responsible for its essentially exclusive character as well

as the militancy ascribed to it with regard to other Muslims.

- Volume 2 covers the development of Wahhabism in the peculiar socio-political conditions it sprang from, particularly its symbiosis with the Saudi ruling house, the structures and institutions it brought forth and its efforts to react to the challenges of achanging society.

    Collection : Critical Surveys in Islamic Denominations Series

  • Publication 2014
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